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Lawyer resorts to public shaming for legislative support

Attorney Stephen Stubbs is out to change a law that prevents prosecutors from filing criminal charges in some cases involving very young or mentally...
Foster children

Alleged parent/child sex pact highlights perils of foster and at-risk children

A popular Christian radio personality, youth baseball official and parent of five adopted foster children has a long history of committing sexual abuse and...
sentinel downtown

State’s private “offender services” contractor refers parolee to embattled rehab

A pricey Las Vegas drug and alcohol rehab that is being sued for wrongful death and is owned by a company asked to testify...

Clark County D.A. Steve Wolfson sets double standard for grand jury cases

It's a tale of two prosecutions. One defendant, Kenneth Lopera, is a former Las Vegas Metro Police officer, charged with two felony counts of involuntary manslaughter...
dems in transition

DA race over, but push for reform isn’t

A 55-year-old white male was arrested July 31 because of a citation he received in February for expired license plates, registration violations and making...
bail bonds

State officials to audit bail bonds companies for compliance

A disproportionate number of the consumer complaints filed with the Nevada Division of Insurance are related to the bail industry. In response, state officials...
legi senate side

Advocates seek to strengthen laws regarding sterilization of disabled people

Disability advocates are calling on Nevada legislators to create additional protections for intellectually disabled people whose legal guardians wish to have them sterilized. A legislative...

Judge troubled by allegations of dirty cops

A Clark County judge says allegations of police misconduct in a case that sent a convicted pimp to prison for life are “very troubling.” Judge...

Sex sells. Who’s minding the store?

“The idea is there’s a lot of money in a very, very small space.  The criminals know it. That’s why they flock to the...
corpus delecti

Attorney calls for law change following failure to prosecute alleged baby sex offender

Sometimes confessing to a crime, even to police, is not enough to make the case. Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs is defending his decision...


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