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dems in transition

DA primary reflects Democrats in transition

In the 1980s, a group of centrists, including a young governor from Arkansas named Bill Clinton, formed the Democratic Leadership Council. Its goal was...

Laxalt’s chief investigator pursues case against daughter’s former pimp

Before Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt named Roland Swanson as his Chief Investigator in 2015, Swanson, according to his bio on the AG’s website,...

State lawmaker: Metro misapplying law by refusing to supply information

An effort by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to deny information to journalists is a misapplication of the law, according to one state...

Fines & fees sent nursing mother to jail for traffic tickets

Leslie Turner was arrested in 2016 when her son was four months old. Her crime: Failure to make a payment for a traffic ticket. In...


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