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Federal judges block public charge rule from going into effect

Three federal judges blocked the implementation of the Trump administration’s proposed rule change that would have prevented some immigrants from receiving public assistance.On Friday,...
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Immigration advocates decry Metro’s ongoing deference to ICE

Immigrant and civil rights groups are demanding transparency after struggling to get any data or questions answered regarding Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's relationship...

War against sex trade turns to texts, social media

The online ad for sex is indistinguishable from the rest.  The ensuing text exchange -- the intermittent chat about services and prices --  is...
at least johnson never won an election

Nevada lawmakers and impeachment – from Johnson to Trump

WASHINGTON – Nevada Democrats are getting bolder in their challenges to President Donald Trump, who is now under an impeachment investigation for alleged misdeeds...

U.S. Supreme Court to hear LGBTQ rights case on Tuesday

WASHINGTON -- Can employers legally fire people simply because they’re gay, lesbian or transgender?That is the question at the crux of a trio of...
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Billionaire’s plea deal benefits groups with ties to DA and defense attorney

Two of the three non-profits sharing a $1 million dollar donation that helped keep billionaire Marcy's Law backer Henry Nicholas and his friend, Ashley...
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Once a fierce critic, attorney for LV shooting victims praises MGM following settlement

Robert Eglet, who spent much of the last two years lambasting MGM Resorts International for its failure to prevent and its response to the...
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Judge approves plea deal for billionaire backer of Marsy’s Law

Victims’ rights advocate Henry Nicholas will avoid prison and the possibility of a felony conviction by agreeing to the terms of a plea deal...

As parole hearing nears, police won’t say if double murder suspect is a snitch

When convicted felon Shane Valentine appears next week before the Nevada Parole Board, there’s likely to be no shortage of opposition to his release...
here comes Nancy

House launches official impeachment inquiry; people ‘get this,’ Titus says

WASHINGTON -- It’s official: President Donald Trump is the subject of a U.S. House impeachment inquiry. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced Tuesday that they’re...



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