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redistricting projection

Anti-gerrymandering group asks governor to suspend rules on signature collection

The group behind a proposed ballot initiative to curb partisan gerrymandering are urging Gov. Steve Sisolak to suspend rules on signature collection during the...
redistricting projection

Lawmakers told redistricting will demand special session in 2021

The Nevada Legislature will need to call a special session next year to finalize redrawing its political districts, a task that was scheduled for...
sun sets

Legislative panel drains Rainy Day Fund in party-line vote

In a party-line vote, the Interim Finance Committee authorized the transfer of $401 million from the state’s Rainy Day Fund into the state's general...
bail bonds

After failing to act in 2019, lawmakers begin revisiting bail reform

During its first legislative interim committee to study bail and the use of pre-trial detention, lawmakers lacked local jail data, analysis on how the...
pretty expensive really

Rent rising more slowly, but still faster than inflation

Apartment rents in Las Vegas are still rising, but not as much as in recent years, says a new report from the Nevada State...
sign 'em

Paid sick leave among new laws taking effect with new year

With the new year, a slew of laws passed during the 2019 legislative session that include requiring paid leave, clamping down on surprise medical...

2019 selections & reflections from the Nevada Current’s staff

Note: 2019 was the Current’s first full year of publication. To look back on the year, each member of the Nevada Current staff picked...

Justice for sale? Billionaire’s plea deal prompts outrage

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson is declining to discuss a plea deal that will allow billionaire Henry Nicholas to skate on felony drug...
nobody came

Could automatic voter registration lead to arrest? State working to ensure it doesn’t.

Automatic voter registration is set to start in January 2020, and while legislators believe it’s an important step in broadening voting accessibility advocates are...
He always leant himself to good cheesy art

Do Nevada Democrats secretly love this guy?

Your governor, you may remember, kicked off his first term with a stirring state of the state address in which he said ... well,...


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