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Business bummed by bill to nullify pot test for job applicants

Conundrum.The word was repeated often Wednesday during the first hearing for Assembly Bill 132, which would prevent an employer from not hiring an...
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Guest op-ed: On clean energy, Carson City must lead where Washington fails

The 80th session of the Nevada Legislature represents a critical opportunity for our state. We can create well-paying jobs; reduce costs for consumers; and...
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Hearing aids, diapers, lead poisoning among issues addressed in child health bill

A wide-ranging bill addressing a number of children’s health issues was heard before the state Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor Wednesday.Senate Bill...
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Bill would allow 14-year-olds to drive themselves to charter schools

One of the challenges many charter schools face is an inability to provide transportation to their students. A group of lawmakers has a novel...
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“Vaccine hesitancy” hindering Nevada’s response to outbreaks

Anti-vaccine activists packed a hearing Tuesday to oppose a bill designed to help health officials track unvaccinated students in case of a disease outbreak.Two...
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Hope for Prisoners touts “game changer” for state, offenders

Inmates in several Southern Nevada prisons will now have an opportunity to begin preparing for life on the outside as much as a year...
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Bill would outlaw rejecting job applicants who flunk a pot test

Nevada employers could be prevented from not hiring someone just because they test positive for marijuana, if a bill introduced in the Legislature Wednesday...

Proposed legislation would extend “lightning” eviction process

Democratic lawmakers have introduced legislation to lengthen Nevada’s eviction process -- derided by attorneys and tenant advocates as one of the most "lightning" fast...

$10 million sought to alleviate Nevada food deserts

Democratic Assemblyman William McCurdy plans to ask the Legislature for $10 million to start a fund he hopes will attract grocery stores to underserved urban...
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Trying not to be reckless on taxes, Democrats are being reckless on taxes

"...as they say," Gov. Steve Sisolak said in his State of the State address last month, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's...


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