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Justice for sale? Billionaire’s plea deal prompts outrage

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson is declining to discuss a plea deal that will allow billionaire Henry Nicholas to skate on felony drug...
nobody came

Could automatic voter registration lead to arrest? State working to ensure it doesn’t.

Automatic voter registration is set to start in January 2020, and while legislators believe it’s an important step in broadening voting accessibility advocates are...
He always leant himself to good cheesy art

Do Nevada Democrats secretly love this guy?

Your governor, you may remember, kicked off his first term with a stirring state of the state address in which he said ... well,...
yer speaker

Frierson rejects claim that DA’s office killed criminal justice bills

Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson is disputing claims the Clark County District Attorney’s office, where he works as a deputy district attorney, pressured him to...
end cash bail

Lawmakers passed zero bail reforms. Now what?

When California looked at ending its cash bail system, many criminal justice reformers and civil rights organizers were excited about proposed legislation.Until they...

Charter schools excluded from controversial funding boost

Was it intentional?That’s the question circling the charter school community in the aftermath of the passage of an education funding bill that provides additional...

Promising session for criminal justice reform hijacked by prosecutors

With Nevada Democrats in control of the state Senate, Assembly, and executive branch, the 2019 legislative session held much promise for progressive interests and...
Nevada Capitol

Limits on Nevada’s Legislature keep it from serving the state

In the last 30 years, Nevada has evolved from a sparsely and homogenously populated rural outpost to one of the most urban and diverse...
busted now pay or go to jail

While not decriminalizing, lawmakers revise traffic offenses

While Democratic lawmakers were mulling over criminal justice reforms, there was a push to decriminalize traffic tickets and put a halt to a system...

Industry pushing Sisolak to veto tenant protections bill

Following last minute changes to a bill that provides mild tenant protections and slightly extends the time frame for evictions, Gov. Steve Sisolak’s office...



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