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Paid sick leave eludes many Nevadans, even Culinary members

In a nation of disparity, getting sick remains an equal opportunity proposition. The flu bug does not discriminate.  But the equity ends there.  Calling...
census too

Sick leave, education, census among child welfare advocates’ top priorities

Education funding. Paid sick leave. Child care subsidies. Stipends for foster youth. The census.That's right. The census.Social service, education, health care and child welfare...
optimisticbut also wary maybe

Sisolak’s reviews: Lots of raves, but some wariness too

Enjoying the luxury of inheriting what is projected to be a growing state budget, Gov. Steve Sisolak in his State of the State speech...
that was then

A mental health initiative, jobs, and some wait and see: Q&A with Steve Sisolak

Gov. Steve Sisolak delivers his first State of the State speech tomorrow night, and as he hints below, he will unveil an initiative to...
dina neal says

Lawmakers see pathway to criminal justice overhaul, but will they take it?

Divisions and theatrics in Washington were briefly surmounted last month when Congress passed criminal justice reform legislation. The First Step Act is a modest,...
legi building

History after all: Nevada to be first state with majority female Legislature

For months, media around the nation and even internationally published stories about the prospect of Nevada becoming the first state in the U.S. to...
UNLV Medicine

Professors, donors make case for reining in NSHE

The Nevada System of Higher Education only cares about itself -- and the University of Nevada, Reno.That was one of the harsh criticisms doled...
race to the bottom

Bill would reinstate aviation tax breaks

In 2015, the Nevada Legislature gave sales and use tax abatements to the aviation parts and maintenance industry. "This measure will allow Nevada to...
legi senate side

With Senate vacancies filled, Atkinson announces committee assignments

A day after vacancies were filled giving him a full complement of senators, Senate Majority Leader Kelvin Atkinson announced committee assignments for the upcoming...

Clark County Commissioners fill state Senate vacancies

Clark County Commissioners voted Tuesday to fill two vacancies in the state Senate created by the election last month.Assemblyman Chris Brooks, who has served...


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