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Frierson: Raise minimum wage to $12 by 2023, not 2024

Presenting the bill to raise Nevada's minimum wage, Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson on Wednesday proposed amending the legislation to bring the wage to $12...

Photo reveals Carson City spot where good bills go

The state Assembly's death penalty abolition bill has already been sucked in. As of late Wednesday afternoon, legislation to cap rates on payday lenders...
no income tax tho!

For size of its economy Nevada spends remarkably little on education, report says

Only four states spend less money on education relative to the size of the state's economy than Nevada, a report released this month says.Direct...
rooftop solar

How legislators plan to make solar an option for renters, the poor

With its positive impact on air quality and the environment, solar energy is touted as a benefit for everyone. However, the financial benefits of...
death chamber

Death penalty repeal bill won’t get a hearing, sponsor says

Legislation to abolish capital punishment in Nevada won't even get a committee hearing, the bill's sponsor said Tuesday.Without a hearing before Friday, the bill...
collective bargaining

LV Chamber digs in heels against collective bargaining, minimum wage hike

A decades-long effort to allow state employees to unionize would result in increased costs to the state of at least $1.7 billion a year...

Will Democrats, too, crush payday lending, sick pay bills?

Friday is a deadline for your Nevada Legislature; bills must get passed out of committee or die.That doesn't mean bills can't be resuscitated. Like...
reno exurb

Rehab “track records” to be public under legislation

Nevadans and others seeking help for addiction could be privy to more information about drug and alcohol treatment providers under a bill before state...
Signature Preparatory Charter School

Charter school moratorium rebranded as a ‘pause’

The State Public Charter School Authority’s backlog on school evaluations -- and their outdated criteria for evaluations -- may be catching up with it.The...
naught but yummy maybe

What’s the AB411? Legislation converts traffic tickets from criminal to civil offenses

As a public defender with Clark County, John Piro has seen a $400 traffic ticket ruin a client’s life.Living paycheck to paycheck, like...


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