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pregnant woman in hospital gown

There’s so much Nevada doesn’t know about maternal mortality

Nevada is believed to have one of the lowest rates of pregnancy-related death in the country. But that statistic doesn’t tell a complete story. Something state...
bail bonds

After failing to act in 2019, lawmakers begin revisiting bail reform

During its first legislative interim committee to study bail and the use of pre-trial detention, lawmakers lacked local jail data, analysis on how the...

Trump mocked an ejected protester. Her story is nothing like he imagined.

President Donald Trump was just eight minutes or so into his speech in Milwaukee’s Panther Arena last week when for a moment the crowd...

Getting out the vote in Indian Country

One presidential candidate showed up and others participated via video, but the concentration of a two-day Native American forum on presidential politics at UNLV...
homeless advocates outside Las Vegas City Hall

City’s rush job on ordinance surprises councilman, homeless advocates

Las Vegas City Council's vote on an ordinance criticized for criminalizing homelessness happened in less than 90 seconds -- so quickly that one council...



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