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“Vaccine hesitancy” hindering Nevada’s response to outbreaks

Anti-vaccine activists packed a hearing Tuesday to oppose a bill designed to help health officials track unvaccinated students in case of a disease outbreak.Two...
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Hope for Prisoners touts “game changer” for state, offenders

Inmates in several Southern Nevada prisons will now have an opportunity to begin preparing for life on the outside as much as a year...
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Warren: Government should value people more than corporate profits

Speaking at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas Sunday afternoon, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who recently joined the 2020 presidential race, recalled the first...
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Cat Trap Fever: The best of the bad options for feral cats?

One every six minutes, seven days a week, eight hours a day.  That’s the rate at which the Lied Animal Shelter euthanized cats in...
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Bill would outlaw rejecting job applicants who flunk a pot test

Nevada employers could be prevented from not hiring someone just because they test positive for marijuana, if a bill introduced in the Legislature Wednesday...



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