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Train to Victorville will eat into affordable housing financing

The proposed financing for a plan to reduce traffic between Las Vegas and California and stimulate the economy by shuttling tourists via high-speed rail...

‘Stickler for facts’ Fiore shrugs off domestic violence, gun reform groups’ concerns

While discussing a potential change to the city’s domestic violence law that would allow those convicted to keep their firearms, Las Vegas City Councilwoman...
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Group fighting wage theft succeeds where state fails, but wants tougher laws

Immigrant workers in Nevada are suffering from a wage theft “epidemic,” and the state office charged with protecting workers is ineffective and unresponsive, says...
this'll fix it

Sisolak bemoans weed regulatory system he helped create

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak set the bar high for the state's marijuana industry, aspiring to be “the gold standard of the nation.”  Now, with...
carceral conservation

Goodman urges special session to retrofit prison for mentally ill homeless

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is reviving and revising a pitch made years ago by her husband and then-mayor, Oscar, to turn the prison...




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