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Justice of the Peace faces discipline for seeking police help

A Las Vegas Justice of the Peace who says she tipped off Vice detectives to an alleged teen prostitution ring, but asked to keep...
UNLV Medicine

Professors, donors make case for reining in NSHE

The Nevada System of Higher Education only cares about itself -- and the University of Nevada, Reno.That was one of the harsh criticisms doled...

To buy or not to buy? Is consumer confidence hampering the housing boom?

With some homeowners still recovering from the Great Recession and the housing crash that decimated Nevada’s market, is the economy about to falter, threatening...
Bern but alas no Bern

Despite DNC recommendations, Nevada Dems sticking with caucus in 2020

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has recommended states switch from caucuses to government-run primary elections to pick the party's presidential nominee, but Nevada Democrats...
babby looks pretty healthy tho

NICUs replace nurseries, cost more, separate moms and babies

Breast is best.  Experts agree that no method of feeding infants provides the physical and emotional benefits of nursing.  A 2009 study of Australian...



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