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Supply of iron workers weak link in stadium construction?

BY: - November 14, 2018

July 31, 2020. That’s the projected completion date of the $1.84 billion Las Vegas Stadium — and not a moment to spare before the kick-off of pre-season football in early August. With no wiggle room in the construction calendar, imagine the distress a delay would cause for the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders, who already may […]


Commissioner-elect claims no conflict on Red Rock

BY: - November 14, 2018

The headline on the Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial reads “New commissioner should recuse himself on Blue Diamond Hill development”.   The editorial goes on to question why Save Red Rock, a citizens group represented by Clark County commissioner-elect Justin Jones, announced after the election it’s dropping its lawsuit against the County and Jim Rhodes’ Gypsum […]

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Amazon sweepstakes prompts references to, well, you know

BY: - November 13, 2018

Amazon’s official announcement this week that it would build so-called HQ2’s in the New York City and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas sparked renewed debate over government giveaways to attract companies. Not surprisingly, Nevada came up. One of the more gushing pieces came from CNN, which ran a story claiming that even cities that were named […]


Air traffic controllers will still be alone at McCarran

BY: - November 12, 2018

Despite an incident that left airline pilots, those in the air and on the ground, in the dark last week at the nation’s eighth busiest airport, the Federal Aviation Administration will not augment staffing at McCarran International Airport’s air traffic tower. A source says the air traffic controller who became incapacitated for 40 minutes while […]

Criminal justice reform long overdue in Nevada, Ford says

BY: - November 12, 2018

It might have been two decades ago, but Attorney General-elect Aaron Ford remembers the night two officers arrested him for walking home drunk when he was an 18-year-old student at Texas A&M. Though he admits he was in the wrong for drinking underage, it’s hard not to imagine the consequences he faced were tied to […]


Rosen hopes to buck political polarization

BY: - November 9, 2018

  Despite the deep political polarization in Washington and the nation, U.S Senator-elect Jacky Rosen thinks there are areas where both parties can work together. Meeting with reporters Friday, Rosen said there are issues both parties can agree to work on, mentioning her involvement in the Problem Solvers Caucus as a representative in the House. […]


Las Vegas topped campaign ad spending in U.S.; so where did the money go?

BY: - November 9, 2018

Campaign spending on traditional media in Las Vegas topped the nation in the 2018 midterm, and Nevada ranked second in TV and radio advertising, with local stations in Las Vegas reaping $103 million in revenue, according to a report from Advertising Analytics.   But how much of that money remains in the state economy?  Likely […]


Air Traffic controller “incapacitated” at McCarran Airport

BY: - November 9, 2018

The Federal Aviation Administration says a McCarran International Airport air traffic controller “became incapacitated while on duty” Wednesday evening.   Audio of the incident indicates the air traffic controller involved is a female.  A number of pilots appear to tell the air traffic control tower that its radio communications are broken up.  At one point […]


Cannabis Catch-22

BY: - November 9, 2018

You can buy it.  But you can’t smoke it. Such is the status of the recreational weed industry in Nevada for more than 47 million visitors who can legally buy cannabis but can’t legally consume it, thanks to a state law that prohibits use in public places.    In other words, the state, while happy […]

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Trump’s trade war and the Strip: “You guys are going to feel it”

BY: - November 9, 2018

Over the past month several media sources have sounded the alarm that fewer Chinese business groups, tourists and students are visiting the United States, a possible sign that the tensions between the current administration and the People’s Republic has spread beyond the trade war. The White House levied tariffs of 10 percent on $200 billion […]

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Sisolak: NV must spend more on mental health, but not raise taxes

BY: - November 8, 2018

In an interview with KNPR’s State of Nevada Thursday, Governor-elect Steve Sisolak said he has no intention of raising taxes. “I’ve committed, we’re not going to be raising taxes. That’s not my intent.” Instead Sisolak says the state “can do a lot with reallocation” of state revenue streams. As an example, Sisolak pointed to the […]

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Atkinson picked to lead state Senate Democrats

BY: - November 8, 2018

Days after the 2018 midterm elections, the Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus announced state Sen. Kelvin Atkinson was unanimously elected as its next majority leader. Atkinson, who was elected to the Assembly in 2002, became the first openly gay African American to serve in the Nevada legislature when he came out in 2013. He inherits the position […]