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Bernie 2.0

Bernie Sanders, who announced Tuesday that yes, he is running for president whether you want him to or not, narrowly lost the Nevada caucuses...
surrender monkey

Nevada joins California in suit over Trump’s national emergency

Updated to include statement issued by Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford late Monday afternoon.Nevada is joining the lawsuit to challenge President Trump’s national emergency...
also eat the rich

Warren: Government should value people more than corporate profits

Speaking at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas Sunday afternoon, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who recently joined the 2020 presidential race, recalled the first...
surrender monkey

Trumped-up “emergency” disgusts Nevada officials

Humiliated and routed by Democrats in the funding battle over his wall -- second only to himself in the short list of things he...

After 4 delays, Wolfson files drug trafficking charges against Marsy’s Law founder

Six months after their arrest at a Las Vegas hotel, billionaire Henry Nicholas and his companion, Ashley Fargo, face criminal drug trafficking charges filed...

Nevada GOP seeks voter ID measure on 2020 ballot

The Nevada Republican Party intends to place a voter ID measure on the 2020 ballot during the presidential election, a move that would likely...
cortez masto being senatorial

Cortez Masto talks Trump, plutonium and 2020

WASHINGTON -- Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto isn’t shy about sparring with her GOP colleagues or the Trump administration. The state's former attorney general and...
ha ha

SOTU: Trump still pines for wall, Nevada Democrats not impressed

WASHINGTON -- President Trump implored Congress Tuesday to move past political gridlock in favor of bipartisan cooperation before he dug in on the border...
Lois Tarkanian

Tarkanian won’t endorse in primary

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian will sit on the sidelines during the primary election, in which a slew of candidates are vying to...
it only went downhill from here

Here’s who Nevada lawmakers are taking to the State of the Union, and why

Each member of Congress gets at least one ticket for a guest to the president's State of the Union address, and Nevada lawmakers are...


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