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cortez masto being senatorial

Trump says he can pardon himself. Cortez Masto isn’t having that.

Nevada U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto wants to ensure that President Donald Trump can not abuse the power of the presidential pardon.The question of...

Trump’s labor secretary should resign, say Nev. lawmakers

WASHINGTON — Nevada lawmakers are calling for embattled Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to step down over his role in prosecuting a sexual abuse scandal...
head shot

Former state treasurer wants to challenge Susie Lee

Former Nevada state Treasurer Dan Schwartz is running for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district, a seat held by Democratic Rep. Susie Lee, according to the...

Nevada caucus members will be able to vote by phone

Democrats in Nevada will be able to vote in the party's 2020 presidential caucus via phone, according to details unveiled by the Nevada State Democratic...
Seth Moulton

On campaign trail, Moulton argues new generation should lead

What actions the United States takes to address climate change, economic insecurity, health care, increased automation of jobs and national security will have a...

The gerrymandering fights aren’t over; a new era of reform in states comes next

WASHINGTON – Battles over partisan gerrymandering are poised to shift to the states in the wake of a major U.S. Supreme Court decision issued...
people standing in front of American flag

White voters will continue to decline through 2036, say researchers

By 2036 the share of white voters in both the Republican and Democratic parties will fall dramatically in Nevada, according to researchers from the...

Despite 2016 uprising, unions leave endorsements to leaders, not members

Labor unions in America spent $108 million in 2016 on efforts to elect Hillary Clinton and congressional Democrats, according to federal campaign finance records,...
watch party

Locals praise takedown of Biden by Harris, other Democrats

Joe Biden repeatedly found himself on the defense in the Democratic debate Thursday night as opponents raised questions about his positions on immigration and...
debate night

Castro, Warren score with local debate watchers

While ten Democratic presidential candidates, some if not most of them largely unfamiliar to voters, vied for breakout moments during the first Democratic debate...


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