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Daily Current: Of course, it wasn’t really about hockey

Dang. Then again, DANG! I didn't move here until seven years after the Rebels won the national championship in 1990, so I can't compare...

Having to be twice as good – African American women in the campaign industry

Too often, Najaah Daniels walks into a room and people assume she is everything but what she actually is - a campaign manager running...
market failure

Nevada has an affordable housing crisis, but no affordable housing policy

In 1940, the median value of a single-family home in the U.S. was $2,938.Well, it was 1940. Gas was 18 cents a gallon. You...
dems in transition

DA primary reflects Democrats in transition

In the 1980s, a group of centrists, including a young governor from Arkansas named Bill Clinton, formed the Democratic Leadership Council. Its goal was...

Laxalt’s chief investigator pursues case against daughter’s former pimp

Before Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt named Roland Swanson as his Chief Investigator in 2015, Swanson, according to his bio on the AG’s website,...

Supreme Court ruling on gay couple’s wedding cake delights Laxalt

Attorney General and governor candidate Adam Laxalt applauded a U.S. Supreme Court ruling involving a baker's refusal to make a wedding cake for a...


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