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Debate night

Climate crisis gets stage time at Democratic debate

“Bloomberg is a joke,” said Liliana Abel-Suarez, 18, who attended a debate watch party hosted by Chispa Nevada at Layla’s Palace Banquet hall, a...

Forum presses candidates on fixing America’s infrastructure

America is falling apart.  No, not metaphorically speaking -- though several Democratic presidential candidates on the campaign trail would point to the actions of President...
hard work

Pine nuts, the climate crisis, tribal culture, and your ‘chic’ salad

Eaten a fashionable salad sprinkled with pine nuts lately? They’re awfully tasty. Pine nuts are also susceptible to commercial over-harvesting which, when combined with the impacts...

Why does Donald Trump hate Sunset Park? Because there are dogs in it?

Nevada elected officials are pleased with Donald Trump's decision last week to, as he put it, RESPECT Nevada and not try to restart the...

Time to end wasteful, speculative oil & gas leasing

When I was Superintendent at Joshua Tree National Park, the number one reason visitors cited for coming to the park was to experience its...
get on board

Climate takes center stage in House infrastructure plan

U.S. House Democrats this week unveiled plans to spend $760 billion over five years on infrastructure upgrades throughout the country.  A central theme throughout the...

Horsford defends vote against mining bill 

Congressman Steven Horsford says a federal measure that could have fattened Nevada coffers by more than $100 million a year “is not the right...
sprawling suburbs

Sprawl, climate crisis combine to hit disadvantaged communities the hardest

Driving from work to home in Clark County is a series of unmemorable, unconnected, empty spaces and parking lots — in other words, urban...

Will climate voters make a difference in Nevada’s caucus?

Many climate voters see 2020 as a turning point.  Scientists have made it abundantly clear that in the next decade there needs to be significant...
y2k in atlanta

Climate crisis doesn’t get the same urgency Y2K did

Take a moment to think back to simpler times, to a long-gone era exactly 20 years ago this week, when we celebrated the dawn...


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