parked cars

Trump to block states from setting tougher emission standards for cars

WASHINGTON -- President Trump declared Wednesday that he’s revoking California’s ability to set tougher greenhouse gas standards for automobiles, a move his critics say...
we are all doomed

Carbon pollution tax has bipartisan support

So what should candidates for the 2020 election be paying attention to? Polls show that climate change has jumped to near the top of...
young'ns gonna save us maybe

Youth movement demands action on climate crisis, prepares for school walkout

Palo Verde High School Senior Ainslee Archibald knows people typically don’t take the opinions of her generation seriously in general, let alone when it...
probly radioactive

Warren announces opposition to military expansion in wildlife refuge

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced her opposition Tuesday to the planned military expansion into the Desert National Wildlife Refuge north of Las Vegas.  “I oppose military expansion...
really, in reno

‘Is there a national legislature forming in Reno?’

WASHINGTON -- U.S. House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) is perplexed by the Trump administration’s plan to move legislative affairs positions for...
yucca panel

Presidential candidates implored to be more specific about Yucca

Nevada lawmakers, tribal leaders and conservationists want 2020 presidential candidates to more boldly oppose Yucca Mountain. “We need the candidates to understand that, a) we...
hot and getting hotter

Another reason Nevada deserves more attention than it gets: The climate crisis

Unlike Iowa and New Hampshire, Nevada is in the West, has a comparatively large number of union voters — a key Democratic constituency —...
poppy bee

Fish & Wildlife Service takes step toward listing poppy bee as endangered

The Mojave poppy bee may gain federal protection after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Thursday it will consider listing the species as...
hope springs

“Deeply concerned,” but citing state law, panel upholds mine’s water permit

The Nevada State Environmental Commission Wednesday raised serious concerns about long-term threats to water quality from a proposed mine in Eureka County. But commissioners...
hot hot hot

Reid: If next president must address climate crisis by executive order, so be it

If Congress can't or won't do it, a Democratic president must tackle the climate crisis by executive order, Harry Reid said Wednesday. The former Nevada...



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