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I-11 through Lake Mead Rec Area? No please, say residents, conservationists.

Environmental groups and City of Henderson residents are fighting a proposal to build a freeway through the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and eastern...

COVID-19 wrecks funding for Nevada transit & roads

Nevada’s roadways and transportation systems face long-term budget challenges as the pandemic's impact on revenue exacerbates long-standing problems, officials said during a Legislative Committee...
choo choo

High speed train’s long and winding road to Victorville nearing reality

Nevada’s Board of Finance, led by Gov. Steve Sisolak, today unanimously voted to allocate $200 million in tax-exempt private activity bonds to a high-speed...
not much

Traffic records report rise in sidewalk pedestrian fatalities

On June 23, a man driving a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis pulled into a parking lot and after failing to park in a marked...

Las Vegas airport gets $195.5 million from CARES Act

McCarran is (or was) among the top ten busiest airports in the nation. And it got the 8th biggest grant.The CARES Act includes $10...

Fewer cars=fewer car crashes. But that doesn’t mean you can punch it.

A preliminary data analysis by The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada found that car crashes across the greater Las Vegas Valley are down...

Bus routes reduced, but people still need them

Mass transit is the lifeblood of big cities, moving millions of people back and forth daily. But the public transit in Southern Nevada has...
no lights

3 out of 4 drivers fail to yield to pedestrians

Drivers must yield to pedestrians trying to cross the road at marked crosswalks.That’s the law.Most drivers don’t follow it.And drivers of expensive cars are...

Forum presses candidates on fixing America’s infrastructure

America is falling apart. No, not metaphorically speaking -- though several Democratic presidential candidates on the campaign trail would point to the actions of President...

Casino industry wants roadblocks for mobile billboards

The casino industry wants Clark County lawmakers to crack down on the mobile billboards that add to pollution and congestion on the Las Vegas Strip.


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