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Forum presses candidates on fixing America’s infrastructure

America is falling apart.  No, not metaphorically speaking -- though several Democratic presidential candidates on the campaign trail would point to the actions of President...

Casino industry wants roadblocks for mobile billboards

The casino industry wants Clark County lawmakers to crack down on the mobile billboards that add to pollution and congestion on the Las Vegas Strip.

2019 selections & reflections from the Nevada Current’s staff

Note: 2019 was the Current’s first full year of publication. To look back on the year, each member of the Nevada Current staff picked...

From housing to skimpy services: Area experts trace systemic health risks

Ensuring the health of Nevada’s vulnerable populations will require workforce development, a focus on mental health care and investment in nonmedical areas like housing...
the ojays

Prominent Las Vegans gush over Virgin train to Victorville 

The O’Jays -- who enjoined people all over the world to start a love train -- have nothing on Southern Nevadans who voiced their...
choo choo

Train to Victorville will eat into affordable housing financing

The proposed financing for a plan to reduce traffic between Las Vegas and California and stimulate the economy by shuttling tourists via high-speed rail...

Demand for bus service grows even as fare revenue plummets

Growth in population and job density in Southern Nevada has lead to an “immediate” need for several new bus routes and expansions, say transportation...

Why so many pedestrian deaths? Southern Nevada is literally built that way

Between 2008 and 2017, drivers struck and killed 601 people who were walking on streets in Nevada, the overwhelming majority of them them in...

Cab drivers confront lawmakers, seek protection from ‘predatory’ companies

Excessive fines and fees charged to drivers by taxicab companies are draining drivers’ incomes, meaning the only way they can survive is by relying...
lawrence banks

Falling through the cracks in Nevada’s mental health system

Lawrence Banks can’t tell time, but when the "Judge Judy" program ends, Banks knows he has to leave for work. “I used to take the...


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