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same goes for education

Social, economic factors affect health more than health care, report says

Income, housing, institutional racism and other social and economic conditions have more impact on health than health care, according to a Center for Budget...
leaf for you

Business bummed by bill to nullify pot test for job applicants

Conundrum.The word was repeated often Wednesday during the first hearing for Assembly Bill 132, which would prevent an employer from not hiring an...
Block grants

Where Nevada TANF spending hits – and misses – the mark

Of the $102 million in combined state and federal funding for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families in Nevada in 2017, the state spent 38...
savings accounts

State treasurer hopes to promote savings accounts for the disabled

A savings program for people with disabilities is being underutilized in Nevada, and the state treasurer is exploring ways to remedy the problem.Named for...
Solar Energy Project

Nevada still leads U.S. in solar jobs per capita, but tariffs hurt industry nationally

With 6,680 people working in the industry in 2018, Nevada had the highest number of solar jobs per capita in the nation, according to...
but can you shop there?

Wrong Side of the Tracks: LV redevelopment misses Westside

When Carolyn Goodman first ran for mayor of Las Vegas in 2011, she vowed to continue the downtown revitalization sparked by her husband, Oscar,...
go nevada go

Only Mississippi has higher concentration of low-wage jobs than Nevada, report says

"This map illustrates the percentages of workers who would benefit from a raise to $15. The darker the color, the higher the concentration of low-wage...

$10 million sought to alleviate Nevada food deserts

Democratic Assemblyman William McCurdy plans to ask the Legislature for $10 million to start a fund he hopes will attract grocery stores to underserved urban...
why capital should be in Vegas

Trying not to be reckless on taxes, Democrats are being reckless on taxes

"...as they say," Gov. Steve Sisolak said in his State of the State address last month, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's...
vital service

Legislators attempt, yet again, to curb payday loan industry

Nevada lawmakers introduced legislation Wednesday to cap interest for payday loans at an annual percentage rate of 36 percent, a rate cap that national...


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