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‘Job quality index’ may help explain why Nevada grows poorer as it grows

Politicians love to cite a falling unemployment rate as evidence of the wisdom of their policies. In recent years, in the midst of the...

Everything is awesome

Job growth in Nevada has led the nation for a dozen consecutive months. Unemployment is down and wages are up. From Resorts World to...
looks murky

Will Raiders football hike your home value?

It’s been eighteen months since the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders announced the location of the team’s home turf near the south end of the...
shop, er, work til you drop

Service sector workforce pummeled by erratic scheduling, research shows

As we head into the holidays, a significant share of the Nevada workforce will power through the busy retail season without knowing what time...

NV rural schools marked by low incomes, poor college readiness, report says

Students in Nevada rural communities are less college-ready than rural students in any other state, and their family incomes are the second-lowest of all...
On the hook

Top of a bad list: Nevada leads nation in student loan defaults

Though the federal student loan default rate has continued to decline overall, Nevada's rate climbed to the highest in the country for the 2016...
please clap

MGM’s third quarter: Please clap

MGM released its third-quarter earnings report earlier this week and yes they sold the Bellagio but will keep running it, and yes they sold...

Group backing homeless ordinance is mum on tax to address homelessness

Downtown businesses want the City of Las Vegas to respond to homelessness in the area, even if it means making it a crime to...

Solutions, Desert Hope parent company delisted from NYSE

The nation’s only publicly traded addiction treatment company has been delisted by the New York Stock Exchange. The NYSE suspended trading on American Addiction...
gallery of stars

Quick – what do Michael Milken and the Raiders have in common?

It’s where the battery factory is. It’s also where Switch has a giant data center, and where Google is building one. It’s also where...



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