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Too cool for school

One of the great things about having an NFL stadium is UNLV will be able to play its football games there too. Unless the NFL...
kids getting on school bus

Teachers union unveils proposal to raise sales tax

The Clark County Education Association on Wednesday unveiled plans to pursue a ballot initiative to raise the sales tax to fund education statewide. The initiative...
work work work

State worker bargaining rights advance

Collective bargaining for state health workers and peace officers took a step closer to becoming a reality Tuesday when the Government Employee-Management Relations Board...
just relax

Gaming tax hike proposal: The empire strikes back

Here is the statement issued yesterday by the Nevada Resort Association, reacting to the Clark County Education Association's proposal to ask voters to raise...
modern times

Why is CCEA’s casino tax hike proposal so small?

The Clark County Education Association endorsed Bernie Sanders and unveiled a proposal to hike Nevada’s gambling, er, gaming tax rate Tuesday. So a pretty newsy...
go raiders

Did stadium proponents fumble job projections?

18,700 construction jobs. That was the selling point supporters of a professional football stadium touted in 2016 when they sought $750 million in public...
shop, er, work til you drop

Total compensation costs are smallest in leisure & hospitality

Total costs of compensating private sector employees in the U.S. averaged $34.77 per hour in the latest estimates released by the Bureau of Labor...

Culinary gets stadium board seat after all

Gov. Steve Sisolak appointed Secretary-Treasurer for the Culinary Workers Union Geoconda Argüello-Kline to the Las Vegas Stadium Authority Board of Directors Monday The governor also...

Marijuana poised to overtake mining in state tax revenue

Nevada’s mining industry generated $7.7 billion dollars in gross sales in fiscal 2018 and paid $125 million in state and local taxes.      By contrast, the...
spreading american values

While Hong Kong protests for more independence, China smiles on Macau

In December while commemorating the 20th anniversary of Portugal handing over Macau to China, President Xi Jinping drew sharp contrasts between Macau and China’s...


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