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war time

Lack of affordable child care: Tough on families, drag on the economy

Elizabeth and her husband pay $1,000 per month to keep their two young girls -- ages 2 and 4 -- in daycare four days...
SNAP and Medicaid around here

GOP food stamp bill could force state to hire 900 people

The farm bill that passed the U.S. House in July would throw an estimated 13,000 Nevadans off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)— more commonly known...
those four guys built everything so far

Stadium employs equivalent of 195 full-time workers in first year

When proponents of a publicly funded football stadium wanted to sell lawmakers on the prospect of raising the room tax to pay for $750...

Pew survey: Public support for tax bill hasn’t budged all year

The Republican tax cuts are no more popular now than they were shortly after Donald Trump signed them into law in December.Results of a...
Route 91 promo

Improper work classification puts people at risk. Just ask Route 91 bartenders.

Fly-by-night staffing companies that choose to hire people as independent contractors or under-the-table are able to accept lowball contracts from event operators. When these...

Shells, sectionals & a sandbox: Laxalt’s half-baked “economic plan”

Things Nevada newcomer Adam Laxalt would like to do if elected governor include but are not limited to:Make Nevada even more of a...

Rosen one of only 3 Democrats voting for GOP “Tax Scam 2.0”

Democratic Senate candidate and current Rep. Jacky Rosen was one of only three Democrats voting with House Republicans to pass a Republican tax cut...
make the road cancela diaz

Forum highlights need for paid sick leave, higher minimum wage

As an English Language Learner teacher at Hyde Park Middle School, Mario Wolthers knows sending a sick student home isn’t easy.“Just today I...
august 18 employment

Nevada’s unemployment rate still high nationally

For all -- which is to say oodles -- of the talk about Nevada's rebounding economy and strong employment growth, at 4.5 percent, Nevada's...

After leaving Las Vegas, national developer returns for next boom

A national development company that swooped into Las Vegas at the height of the building boom more than a decade ago is back and...


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