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Trump trash

“Manufactured crisis” halts pay for 3,450 working Nevadans

When Daniel Patterson, who lives in Nevada and works for the Department of Interior, heard about a potential government shutdown last month, he figured...
hot or not?

Brian Sandoval: Hot or not?

Brian Sandoval won the governor's office in 2010, when Republicans were in the throes of Tea Party passion. As he leaves office, his party has...
not so much

A year after the tax cut, wages, bonuses not as hot as promised

Remember early this year when Republicans (including here in Nevada, Sen. Dean Heller) were crowing about all the bonuses and raises that workers were...
robots eating all the jobs

Don’t let automation tomorrow distract from pay today

As you may have heard, horrifying studies say Las Vegas is one of the most likely places in the solar system for automation to...

To buy or not to buy? Is consumer confidence hampering the housing boom?

With some homeowners still recovering from the Great Recession and the housing crash that decimated Nevada’s market, is the economy about to falter, threatening...
race to the bottom

Bill would reinstate aviation tax breaks

In 2015, the Nevada Legislature gave sales and use tax abatements to the aviation parts and maintenance industry. "This measure will allow Nevada to...
aac stock price

Rehab giant closes facilities, lays off workers

American Addiction Centers, one of the nation’s largest for-profit drug and alcohol recovery chains, with facilities in Las Vegas, is closing centers in California...
the one everybody always natters on about

More divorce, less income and other Nevada notes from new Census report

Compared to the rest of the nation, Nevadans make less money, are more likely to be divorced, less likely to be white, and more...
winter homeless

Homeless working Nevadans have a hard job

Brett Yadon knew he could get a call for temp work at any given moment. Being homeless and living in the shelter at Catholic...
little tarriff man

Little Tariff Man

Hey, this thing ain't got no bill of rights! argued those who were opposed to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Or words to...


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