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you trade war at work

Trump’s trade war costs Nevada millions, group says

Nevada businesses are paying as much as 11 times more in tariffs than they were prior to President Trump launching a trade war with...
worker at Opportunity Village

Advocates against subminimum wage gain traction in Reno

Disability advocates in Nevada celebrated a largely symbolic victory this week as the Reno City Council unanimously passed a resolution to bar the use...
your senior senator

Cortez Masto tells Senate colleagues to defy Trump, reopen government

Speaking on the Senate floor Thursday, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto called on President Trump to reopen shuttered government agencies, and highlighted the impact the...
grim reaper

As shutdown drags on, bills start piling up for federal workers, tribes go without

As the partial government shutdown hits nearly three weeks with no end in sight, households are about to go without paychecks, and tribal communities...
planes, bombs, etc.

Rural residents fear U.S. Navy bombing range threatens their economy

The U.S. Navy has long argued that its Fallon Range Training Complex in Nevada needs more space to test aviation weapons that fly at...

Shutdown not derailing real estate, yet, but “probably not good” for market

Federal employees are going without work in some cases, or working without pay in others, but if you’re looking to buy or sell your...
Trump trash

“Manufactured crisis” halts pay for 3,450 working Nevadans

When Daniel Patterson, who lives in Nevada and works for the Department of Interior, heard about a potential government shutdown last month, he figured...
hot or not?

Brian Sandoval: Hot or not?

Brian Sandoval won the governor's office in 2010, when Republicans were in the throes of Tea Party passion. As he leaves office, his party has...
not so much

A year after the tax cut, wages, bonuses not as hot as promised

Remember early this year when Republicans (including here in Nevada, Sen. Dean Heller) were crowing about all the bonuses and raises that workers were...
robots eating all the jobs

Don’t let automation tomorrow distract from pay today

As you may have heard, horrifying studies say Las Vegas is one of the most likely places in the solar system for automation to...



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